These pictures are taken from a piece of cloth 16" by 23", the above image. Click on the name in the following list to see a larger individual picture. 5 images by 11 images grouped in three sections, as follows:

1st Row: 1,2,3,4,--------21,22,23,24,----41,42,43
2nd Row 5,6,7,8,--------25,26,27,28,----45,46,47
3rd Row 9,10,11,12,---29,30,31,32,----49,50,51
4th Row 13,14,15,16,--33,34,35,36,----53,54,55
5th Row 17,18,19,20,--37,38,39,40,----44,48,52

Soldiers 1 to 8

(01) 3rd Regt. Victoria Rifles: Montreal

(02) Sergeant 1st Grenadier Guards: Montreal

(03) 5th Regt. Royal Highlanders: Montreal

(04) Officer 64th Chateauguay and Beauharnois Regt.

(05) Canadian Field Artillery: Hamilton, Ont.

(06) 91st Regt. Canadian Highlanders: Hamilton, Ont.

(07) Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders: Winnipeg

(08) Canadian Army Service Corps: Montreal

Soldiers 9 to 16

(09) Officer Queen's Own Rifles: Toronto

(10) Officer 85th Regt. : Montreal

((11) 53rd Sherbrooke Regt.: Sherbrooke, Q.

(12) 30th Regt. Wellington Rifles: Guelph

(13) Sergeant 25th Brant Dragoons

(14) 3rd Montreal Battery Field Artillery

(15) Officer 38th Regt. : Dufferin Rifles of Canada

(16) Montreal Heavy Brigade Garrison Artillery

Soldiers 17 to 24

(17) 100th Regt.: Winnipeg Grenadiers

(18) Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars: Montreal

(19) 65th Regt. Carabiniers Mont Royal : Montreal

(20) Officer 77th "Wentworth" Regt.: Dundas

(21) 6th London Field Battery

(22) Sergeant Major 84th St. Hyacinthe Regt.

(23) Quarter Master Sergeant 9th Regt. Voltigeurs De Quebec

(24) 95th Regt. Saskatchewan Rifles: Regina

Soldiers 25 to 32

(25) Officer 24th Kent Regt.: Chatham

(26) Governor General's Body-Guards: Toronto

(27) 96th Lake Superior Regt.: Port Arthur

(28) Officer 7th Fusiliers: London, Ont.

(29) Officer 72nd Regt. Seaforth Highlanders of Canada: Vancouver

(30) 10th Regt. Royal Grenadiers: Toronto

(31) Piper 48th Highlanders: Toronto

(32) Royal Canadian Horse Artillery: Kingston

Soldiers 33 to 40

(33) North West Mounted Police

(34) Strathcona Horse: Winnipeg

(35) 1st Hussars: London, Ont

(36) Royal Canadian Dragoons: Toronto, Ont.

(37) 1st Howitzer Brigade C.F.A.: Guelph

(38) Officer Argyll Light Infantry: Belleville, Ont.

(39) 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards: Ottawa

(40) 9th Battery Field Artillery: Toronto

Soldiers 41 to 48

(41) 3rd New Brunswick Regt. Garrison Artillery: St. John

(42) 8th Royal Rifles: Quebec

(43) 3rd Prince Of Wales Dragoon Guards: Peterborough

(44) Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery: Quebec

(45) 22nd Saskatchewan Light Horse: Lloydminster

(46) 34th Fort Garry Horse: Winnipeg

(47) 19th Alberta Dragoons: Edmonton

(48) Officer 15th Light Horse: Calgary

Soldiers 49 to 55

(49) P.E.I. Light Horse: Charlottetown

(50) 101st Edmonton Fusiliers

(51) Royal Canadian Engineers: Halifax

(52) 18th Mounted Rifles: Portage La Prairie

(53) Officer 23rd Alberta Rangers: Pincher Creek Alta

(54) 66th Princess Louise Fusiliers: Halifax, N.S.

(55) Pictou Regt. Highlanders: Pictou, N.S.

(53/54/55) In A Row.

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