The Canadian Virtual War Memorial page is one excellent idea.

Meant to supplement the online record of Canada's war dead.
By providing digital copies of the property in your possession, you will greatly help keep the memory of the fallen alive for future generations.
Lets face it, if this isn't done now it likely never will be. ( Letters and diaries deteriorate)
So go to that dusty old box that you , your parents or grandparents or some other relative kept and was passed down to you. Use a digital camera or a scanner, make a copy of some of their effects and send it in.
While you're at, if you have the time and equipment, take pictures of all the "mommentos" of the fallen and put it on a CD, make a few copies and send it to your family.

The Procedure to send the photos is simple.

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial or/où Mémorial virtuel de guerre du Canada

Type in the name of the person the photos represent,
(the given name in the records might only be initials, so don't give up) About have way down the page there will be a "CLICK HERE TO SEND US YOUR PHOTOS" link.
Simply use the link and follow the instruction.
Pay particular attention to the size of the photos, cannot be larger than 600 pixels. Don't worry, thats quite large.
Although it says to send "photos", that simply means to take a digital copy of the object,
whether it be an photo of the individual, or of a medal, diary, uniform, etc.

Photos can also be sent by email.

Help scanning your photos is also available.

All this information is available on the website.

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