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The Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade 1939-1945
by Terry Copp
"A narrative history of the Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade and their campaign in north-West Europe. It focuses on the details of actions at the battalion and company level and takes the reader right into the heart of combat. A fine tribute to the Calgary highlanders, the Black Watch and the Regiment de Maisonneuve.
hardcover 208pp      "
Burma Liberators: RCAF in SEAC, Vol. 1 and 2

by John R. W. Gwynne-Timothy
" This is the history of 'Liberator' Squadrons of the RAF in Lord Mountbatten's South East Asia Command in World War Two. These American aircraft came into service in 231 Group, the RAF Heavy Bomber component of Allied Strategic Air Force, and in 22 Group, Indian Ocean Air force.
The story is set in context of western empires in the east, the rise and reaction of the Orient, changes wrought by war, with emphasis upon India, the base for British re-conquest of regions captured by Japan.
paperback  1155pp (2 volume set)"

First in the Field: Gault of the Patricia's

by Jeffrey Williams
"In 1914 Hamilton Gault founded the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, which went on to become one of Canada's most distinguished regiments.
hardcover   "
A Great Fleet of Ships: The Canadian Forts & Parks
by S.C. Heal
"Detail the extensive shipbuilding industry during WW2 and describes a number of the more spectacular events which ended the careers of the ships, as well as reminiscences by individuals who served in them. Provides a complete listing of all ships, with concise details of their subsequent name-changes and fates, plus ship plans are included.
hardcover    "

The Loyal Americans: The Military Role of the Provincial Corps and Their Settlement in British North America, 1775-1784

Robert S. Allen, Editor
" Their story is told through their weapons, uniforms, arms and accoutrements, domestic affairs plus, portraits of Loyalist leaders that influenced the charcter of what is known today as Eastern Canada
paperback  126pp   "
Included with this book is the book by John Sweettenham, The Evening of Chivalry
Metal Canvas: Canadians and World War II Aircraft Nose Art

by Stephen M. Fochuk
"Over 500+ b/w photos exclusively featuring Canadian military aircraft nose art. An astonishing portrait of the spirit shown by the pilots, flightcrews, and the groundcrews - these images serve as a bridge across time, back to the psyche and emotions of Canadians at war
hardcover   "

Military Uniforms of Canada

by Rene Chartrand
" This work describes and illustrates the military dress of the British, French and Canadian soldiers of forty units that have played an important role in Canada's military life over the past three hundred years. Each of the forty sections comprise a history of the corps or regiment and a precise description of its dress accompanied by a full page watercolour plate of the uniform itself.
Covers the Seven Years' War, the War of 1812, Fenians raids of 1860s, North-West Rebellion, Boer War, the World Wars and the Korean War.
Mud and Green Fields

by George Kitching
" During Kitching's impressive wartime career he served in every rank from Subaltern to Major-General, and in most theatres where the Canadian fought.
paperback     "
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