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Using this site is reasonably simple.

On the start page (index page), the books available are divided into several categories of Canada's military history, you will be taken to a page containing either the books for the category, or to a page listing sub-categories. Sub-categories will be created when there are enough titles available.
Once at the desired page, click on the title you want to see.
Clicking will take you to directly to that title at the online store in that column.
Please note, that each column represents a different store, as such orders will be processed seperately. This includes postage. In otherwords, orders from different stores cannot be combined into a single order.

Once at the store, simplying "place order", "add to shopping cart", etc.

Continue shopping until ready to "check out". Then the required ordering information will be taken.

All stores have secure online ordering.

Canada And War, as of now, does no direct selling of its own.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by using the Contact Us Page

Thank you for the support.

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