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This Page will list some other book Sellers and/or Publishers that carry Canadian military book titles. Often having books that are difficult to locate elsewhere. Also goto the links section for sites with "kit shops" beside their name.
Want to suggest another site? Click here for form. For this page the site must have a significant Canadian content. All sites will be considered for the links page.

Aviation World-Click Here

Retail stores, and a mail order business.

Bunker to Bunker Books-Click Here

Located in the Museum of the Regiments in Calgary
"Their main purpose is to publish and sell history and reference books on both the Canadian military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police".

The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies: Publications Page -Click Here

"... publisher of books, papers and journals devoted to the research and analysis of Canadian military affairs".

CEF Books -Click Here

World War I books. Including the
For King and Empire series: Canadians at Ypres, April 1915, Canadians on the Somme, Sept.-Nov. 1916, Canadians at Vimy, April 1917, Canadians at Passchendaele,. 1917.
Access to History Series: Gas Attack!, Futility & Sacrifice, Winning the Ridge, Slaughter in the Mud.
50th Battalion in No Manís Land; Best OíLuck; For Freedom and Honour?; Ghosts Have Warm Hands; The Journal of Private Fraser; Letters of Agar Adamson, 1914-1919; Silhouettes of The Great War; Thirteen Years After.

Capricorn Books -Click Here

Used books. Large military section.

Drop Zone Publishers -Click Here

Publisher of A Rising of Courage: Canada's Paratroopers in the Liberation of Normandy.

Esprit de Corps -Click Here

Distant Thunder: Canada's Citizen Soldiers on the Western Front; Tarnished Brass: Crime & Corruption in the Canadian Military; Desert Cats: The Canadian Fighter Squadron in the Gulf War; Tested Mettle: Canada's Peacekeepers at War.

Gehr Publishing

No web site. Publisher of Paratrooper, by Colonel(ret'd)Gary H.Rice. ISBN# 0968169619(Story of the first Regimental Sergeant Major(RSM) of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. Wendell "Knobby" Clark)-WW2-
For More Book Information. Click Here
For current price and order form contact:
Gehr Publishing
Carleton Place, Ontario
K7C 3P1
Tel: (613) 257-1309 Fax: (613) 257-3033
e-mail: gehr@comnet.ca

GSPH -Click Here

Excellent source of out-of-print Canadian military titles. And other militaria.

John C. Denner Co. Book Catalogue -Click Here

Excellent source of out-of-print Canadian military titles. And other militaria.

Mossy Knoll Enterprises

The King's Bishop: Volume One of Warrior, Peacekeeper, Diplomat, Spy
For More Book Information. Click Here

PPCLI Kitshop

PPCLI Kitshop. Click Here

Robin Brass Studio Inc.

Titles include; The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps; Fighting for Canada: Seven Battles, 1758-1945; Forgotten Patriots; The Incredible War of 1812; Lords of the Lake;Not in the Face of the Enemy: Canadians Awarded the Air Force Cross and Air Force Medal, 1918-1966; South Albertas: A Canadian Regiment at War; Tin Hats Oilskins & Seaboots, more.... For Books List. Click Here .

Shearwater Aviation Museum.

Click Here then goto the "Gift Shop". Books include Banshees in the RCN, The Grumman Avenger in Canadian Service, HMCS Bonnie, Royal Canadian Air Force Aircraft Finish and Markings, etc...

Vanwell Publishing Ltd.

Click Here for a list of some of their books as well as ordering/contact information. eg. A History of Women in the Canadian Military; Barker VC (WW1); Cradle Crew (WW2); Distant Thunder (WW1); In the Line of Duty (Somalia); HMCS Haida; In Search of Pegasus (Airborne); Kinmel Park Camp Riots (WW1); ...

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